Call Myshkin


Director: Ilya Kazankov

Screen Play by: Ilya Kazankov

Director of Photography: Olga Marchenko

Art-director: Andrei Vasin

Costume designer: Nataliya Seditskaya

Make-up artist: Yekaterina Beschastnaya

Sound Director: Olga Bulygo

Composer: Olesya Berdnikova

Starring: Cast: Mikhail Trukhin, Irina Pegova, Mikhail Porechenkov, Yaroslava Bazayeva, Marcin Rój, Yelena Valyushkina, Konstantin Vorobyov, Irina Rakshina, Roman Shalyapin, Anatoly Gorin, Oleg Fyodorov, Yevgeny Kapitonov, and others.

Producer: Alexei Uchitel, Kira Saksaganskaya

Production: Rock Films, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia; and the Cinema Fund

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Family Adventure

Time: 85 minutes


When he was born, an actor called Myshkin was given the heroic name of Yermak, and that is where all his resemblance to the famous Cossack warlord ends. In reality, this is a modest and self-conscious man who resigned to his fate of being a stage director of school performances. But destiny gives Myshkin an opportunity to prove he is worthy of his big name. Dasha Samoylova, a precocious daughter of a popular actress, persuades Myshkin to go on a journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow and to take her with him. A musical is to be produced in the capital city, based on the theme of the Russian conquest of Siberia, and an actor named Yermak would be a major attraction. For Myshkin, it is the chance of a lifetime! Being naïve, Myshkin does not suspect that Dasha has staged her own kidnapping in order to revenge on her famous mother for not paying enough attention to her child.  

  • Special diploma of children's jury
    XXVII International Сhildren's Film Festival «The Scarlet Sailes of Artek»
  • Participant
    XXIV International Children Film Festival «Cinema for Children»