Director: Valentina Bulaeva

Screen Play by: Valentina Bulaeva

Director of Photography: Aleksey Venzos, Dariya Lihacheva, Nikolay Platonov, Valentina Bulaeva, Lyubov Morozova

Sound Director: Maria Valuiskaya

Editor: Valentina Bulaeva

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Production: LLC Rock Films

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Documentary

Time: 58 minutes 50 seconds


Natasha, 36, awaits a court verdict that is to decide whether for the next eight years she is to stay under police observation. Persons like her are called repeat offenders: She committed a new crime, even though she had been released on parole. “Lost trust” — this legal formula has become the real punishment for the main character. These six months is the main penitentiary term of her lifetime, the last chance to feel life in all its versatility, and she makes a list of all things she needs to cram into that short timespan: a rock concert, a ballet, a soccer championship, going to the seaside, meeting up friends, and, most importantly, meeting her father to whom Natasha did not have the courage to tell the truth about her second imprisonment.