The Dry Valley


Director: Alexandra Strelyanaya

Screen Play by: Alexandra Strelyanaya

Director of Photography: Alexander Demyanenko

Art-director: Sergey Anisimov

Costume designer: Galina deeva

Make-up artist: Tatiana Romanova Irina Derbina Ekaterina Blinova Ksenia Malkina Ludmila Bolshunova

Sound Director: Alexander Laneev

Composer: Alexander Laneev

Editor: Yelena Andreeva Gleb Nikulsky

Starring: Yana Yesipovich Rosa Hayrullina Elena Kalinina Oleg Garkusha Daniil Shigapov Vadim Skvirskiy Natalia Burmistrova

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Co-Producer: Kira Saksaganskaya

Production: Rock Films Gorky Film Studio with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Country of production: Россия

Genre: Drama

Time: 89 min


"Dry Valley" is the first full feature film by Alexandra Strelyanaya. The film is based on the famous novel written by Nobel Prize laureate Ivan Bunin.
This story unites the destinies of the landowners and their servants, and is considered to be one of the most complete portraits of the Russian life in the late XIX century. It takes place in Dry Valley, a village owned by the noble family of Khrushevs. The story tells about Natalia, a young and naive girl who serves in their country house. We see and experience her love, dedication to her masters, mysticism, exile, betrayal and faith, while the Dry Valley is falling to pieces, slowly but inevitably, as well as the lives of its inhabitants. 

  • Diploma
    Deboshir Filmfest 2011

    Diploma for Love to Art-house

  • Grand Prix
    13th Shukshin Film Festival