Director: Yury Bykov

Screen Play by: Yury Bykov

Director of Photography: Ivan Burlakov

Art-director: Andrey Vasin

Costume designer: Irina Telegunova Nikolai Chaplin

Make-up artist: Svetlana Holod

Sound Director: Nadegda Yarovaya

Composer: Yury Bykov

Editor: Natalia Shmidt

Starring: Denis Shvedov Vladislav Toldykov Alexey Komashko Sergey Zharkov Konstantin Strelnikov Sergey Sosnovsky Sergey Belyaev

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Production: Rock Films with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Drama

Time: 74 min


Early autumn, godforsaken Russian countryside. A local hunter Michail witnesses a skirmish in the middle of the forest - three men want to kill the forth, Andrey. Kind-hearted Michail helps Andrey escape and together they run from the villains who chase them. Thus, two totally different men start a long and dangerous journey together, constantly arguing with each other regarding their ideology, morals and opinions about life. But life will put everything on its place and make the men understand who they really are. 

  • Prize
    III Film Festival "Zolotoy Fenix"

    Debut Prize

  • Prize
    Film Festival Stalker

    Best Debut

  • Prize
    Taipei International Film Festival 2011

    Special Jury Prize