The Last Hero


Режиссеры-постановщики: Alexey Uchitel

Авторы сценария: Alexey Uchitel Avdotya Smirnova

Операторы-постановщики: Yury Alexandrov

В ролях: Valentina Tsoi Robert Tsoi Marianna Tsoi Sasha Tsoi

Производство: Savin Fest Leningrad Documentary Film Studio Corean Cultural Centre

Жанры: Documentary

Хронометраж: 65 min

Сюжет фильма

The film is dedicated to one of the most influential Russian musicians of the previous century, Viktor Tsoi, leader of the band "Kino", who tragically died in a car accident. The film collects memories about Viktor, memories of his friends, colleagues and relatives. Documentary scenes are combined with private life pictures and scenes, where people, who knew him closely, tell about him. Concert shots, songs, devoted fans - all joined together, they help us to recreate the portrait of a unique talented persons, who was to leave so early.